Siege Tomorrow!

Hey everybody! We have a siege tomorrow, October 24th! We will meet in the Target parking lot on University Drive in Burlington at 7:00 AM and will pull out with a carpool to the abortion clinic in Greensboro. We should be back to Burlington around 10:30 AM. Please join us as we pray to the Higher Court of Heaven that mercy would be released to save the babies! Yes, Lord!

Email me if you need to meet us at the clinic, I can send you the address! Keep praying, don’t lose heart! The Lord releases speedy JUSTICE to those who cry to Him day and night! Luke 18.


Schedule Update

Hey everyone…we had our July siege, and I simply forgot to actually post that we were having it, so I do apologize. We are not going to have our August siege for yet again several different regions. Hopefully we can get back on track starting in September with a more consistent schedule. We do still have our weekly prayer meetings for the ending of abortion, and if you would like to siege without us, we encourage you to do so, and we will join you in the spirit realm. Jesus, we plead your blood over our sins, and the sins of our nation. God, end abortion and send revival to America. I pray for mercy over these girls and women, Lord. God, I ask that you would step into their lives and intercept their hearts and minds before they make this devastating decision. Lord, for the women that have already been through an abortion, God I ask that you would come to them and bring healing and restoration to their wounded souls; let them find forgiveness in Your sweet embrace. Amen. Thank you all, again, for your faithfulness to this burden on Christ’s heart, the ending of abortion!

:( We Have to Cancel the June Siege

Hey everyone, I am so, so sad to have to cancel the month of June’s siege. Once again, multiple scenarios have contributed to the fact that virtually no one will be in town at all to be a part of our siege this month. I do encourage anyone who was planning on attending to still siege, please feel free! But, CNC won’t be able to attend. We will still be praying and asking God for the ending of abortion, we just won’t be in Greensboro in the physical. May God bless you all for agreeing with Him in intercession!

June Siege-June 27th

Hey everyone! After missing a month in May because of all the events happening every weekend, we are officially scheduling our June Siege! Same time, same place. 8am-10am. If you’re new to us, we welcome you to join us in praying for the ending of abortion! Stand with us as we lay siege in the heavenly realm over an abortion clinic. We will all gather at an abortion clinic in Greensboro, if you need the address so you can google directions from your area, email me and I will send it right to you! Hope to see you all soon. God end abortion and send revival to America!

No siege for the month of May

This month is full of weekends in which there are weddings, conferences, and trips out of town for many of us. Unfortunately, that means that the siege for this month needs to be cancelled. We will not be hosting one for the month of May. However, if you so desire to go and pray and stand before God and ask for the ending of abortion, please, I encourage you to do so! Just this month, we are unable to hold one. We do apologize. But our spirits are laboring with you for mercy from the high court of Heaven! Thank you for praying with us! God send revival and end abortion in America!

April Siege-April 25th

Hi everyone! Our next siege date this month (April) is Saturday the 25th. We will be sieging in Greensboro, at the same clinic as usual. If you would like to join us and will need directions, please feel free to email me at Typically we do our sieges on the 3rd Saturday of every month, but this month, the house of prayer we are based at ( is having a mini-conference on the same day, so we won\’t be able to have it this Saturday. If you can\’t join us on the 25th, please be with us in spirit praying for the ending of abortion and for mercy from the High Court of Heaven! Amen!

Siege this Saturday March 21st

Hi everyone! We are sieging this Saturday morning from 8-10am in Greensboro. Carpool meets at 7 and we will be back in Burlington by 10:30. ATTENTION: our email still isnt working, so if anyone needs to contact me, please email me on my personal email: If you have already emailed me to our bound4life email, just re-email me there and i can respond from there. If you need directions, would like more information, or anything at all, email me there and I check that every day! Jesus loves the babies, pray with us for the ending of abortion!